Patient FAQs

About Savie Health Free Clinic 

Savie Health is a nonprofit organization, not a government agency. Savie serves community members who have no health insurance and are low-moderate income. Our clinic is located at 1111 East Ocean Ave, Suite 2, Lompoc, CA. 

Who can be seen at Savie Health?
• Individuals without health insurance (including Medi-Cal)
who are low-moderate income (family of 1 below $60,324).

How can one be seen at Savie Health?
• By calling for an appointment at 805-743-4776.
• By referral of a healthcare provider, volunteer or community partner.

What are the services offered?
• Medical and Specialty care services (based on provider capacity).
• Labs
• Imaging
• Prescription Assistance (No Narcotics)
• Behavioral Health
• Vision Services and Free Eyeglasses
• Care Coordination
• Some Contraceptives
• STD Testing
• COVID and Flu Shots

What are services not offered?
• Screening/care for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, additional contraceptive options, these services are provided at the Lompoc branch of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, which can be reached at (805) 737-6400.

How much does it cost to be seen?
• Services are provided at No Charge to the patient.
• Off-site prescriptions are given for medications not available at the clinic. We try to prescribe medications under $10/30 day supply.

What should I bring to my appointment?
• Photo ID (Ex: State Id, Driver’s License, Passport, Consular Identification Card, Work ID, School ID etc.).
• Any and all medications being taken including supplements.

What happens if I miss an appointment without calling to cancel it?
Missed appointments affect our ability to see other patients. We kindly ask you to please call to let us know if you are not able to make it to your scheduled appointment. Patients who are “no-shows” to three appointments forfeit their right to be seen at the clinic in the future.